The Odes are a series of on going pop up performances that pay homage to the sites where Black life existed/s. They open and reveal Black voices and Black stories. My purpose in creating these performances is to erect a new definition of monument. Redefining the term as a temporal structure that does not seek to conquer the space, but for a brief moment brings a sense of aliveness. Each ode has so far taken place in an outside location that is personal to my experience growing up in Atlanta. From the housing community of Dixie Hill to Bethel Towers on Auburn Avenue. Every performance is determined by the site, so the audience captures a vanishing moment. These random acts are ways of bringing art into communities that doesn't require a fee or an enclosed space, but just a trip to wherever one you’re heading. As a visual artist in this moment, I explore alternative forms of protest that reimagine narratives for understanding the Black life and subjectivity.